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your Social Mindmapping Platform.

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Your Social Mindmapping Platform

LinkFacts is a collaborative mindmapping plateform for creating, sharing and visualizing Information. Create any type of graphs and collaborate with others, as your graphs can be accessed anywhere.

Visual Graphs

Link image, icon, shape and text nodes to map your ideas.


Share graphs and collaborate with a Team to work together on a same project.

Export & Import Data

Export or import your graph data.


Follow users and collaborate in public user’s graphs. Comment graphs or nodes. Rate graphs.

Share Graphs

Quickly share a graph with everybody or only with the people you want. Embed your graphs in your Blogs or webpages.

Add attributes & Links

Annotate your graph information and link to external information.

Search, Explore & Navigate

Easily find and traverse your nodes of interest.

Customizable Graph Templates

Reuse node and link styles by the use of templates.

The history of LinkFacts

Let’s discover LinkFacts with its founder in this short video.


Corona Virus : Skeptics and Critics

Check this user graph about Corona Virus (see the full graph by clicking on it). Some think, the government responses are too late, too weak, some thing they are completely out of proportions, some others suspect that the outbreak has not been accidental and some see a totalitarian move of the different governments.

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